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Our Teas

* Organic Intense breakfast Tea : Consisting solely of Assam tea of high quality. In effect the consumer research mainly a spicy and aromatic tea. In addition, the breakfast tea is often associated with milk. The Assam tea by its aroma and flavor composition is perfect with milk. The association enhances the pleasure of taste but requires a true work of research and tasting before finding the perfect lot. For the amateur, it's a real moment of pleasure, with or without milk.

* Organic Ceylon Tea OP Superior: This tea is lighter than the Assam tea. Even if it seems to us more appropriate in the day, plain or with a slice of lemon, it is also used for breakfast for customers (increasingly rare) who want a tea light in the mouth. The amateur will find in all cases, the pleasure of enjoying a real tea flavors typical of large tea from Ceylon.

* Organic Imperial Darjeeling Tea: Darjeeling is known as the champagne of tea although it is still lots to choose whether to live up to its reputation. This light, aromatic tea is truly one of the most renowned in the world. It is harvested from the plates at the foot of the Himalayas. Ideal in the afternoon, preferably plain or with a little milk, a cup of champagne-colored delight lovers of Darjeeling tea.

* Organic Earl Grey Tea Intense: From a very old Chinese recipe, flavored tea that is now the most consumed in Europe. For this reason it has been completely reworked. The tea used allows to obtain a darker color in the cup while developing the flavor of tea in itself particularly in avoiding the term to have a very bitter brew with increased tannins in the cup. Bergamot natural that we use is both powerful and has a great finesse. It really resembles the work of a nose in perfumery. All tea and bergamot is a true pleasure for the amateur, whatever he loves a rapid infusion or a longer infusion of this tea.

* Organic Lapsang Souchong Tea: It is not easy to select a smoked tea as it should be neither too smoky nor too little smoke to please the majority of customers. We changed the type of tea used for improving the body of the liquor in the cup and smoked the side which is now less rustic.

* Organic Intence Peach apricot Tea : The objective was to achieve the right balance between the flavor of tea and fish apricot. Glossy and beaten, we get a real iced tea at the fisheries, colors and fewer calories.

* Organic Intence Vanilla Tea : The type of tea used and the natural flavors of vanilla have been completely changed. This tea is a real moment of pleasure for the lover of vanilla tea. He will found, upon opening the packet, notes of vanilla with great finesse and sweet surprise while drinking his cup to find the same aromatic notes in total harmony with the tea.

* Organic Intense caramel Tea: For the tea caramel we applied the same selection as for the vanilla and the result is identical.

* Christmas Tea: the mixture has been reworked and improved in Fragrances. It responds to a request for more and stronger for having a special Christmas tea. You can find in the Christmas typical notes in the cup. The orange and caramel dominate, but punctuated with a note of maraschino without cinnamon that dominates too strongly. The Amateurs eat it hot or cold all year

* Organic Great Darjeeling Green Tea: The Tea Leaf Green Bio is naturally rich in minerals (Fluorine, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus). It is a source of many vitamins C, B1, B2, B3 and P (Preferring the elasticity of blood vessels). As well as the qualities mentioned above the opening notes of aromatic Darjeeling Green are of great finesse. Finesse found in the cup after brewing, contrary to the Chinese green tea that will quickly take the bitterness. The Darjeeling Organic brings a soft and fat even after a long brew in the cup. It may well be drunk without sugar.

*Organic Intence for Four Red Fruits Darjeeling Green Tea : The work on tea and 4 red fruit was more complex since the assembling of these 4 species of red fruits should also be balanced with the opening of the bag (top notes for perfume) that in the cup after the infusion (base notes in perfumes). The result is a true pleasure and may be associated with milk to enhance the taste of red fruits.

*Organic Great Green Tea Darjeeling Peppermint : Everyone knows green tea with mint from a blend of Chinese green tea and mint nana. Pascal Hamour chooses a preferred blend of Darjeeling green and peppermint. Choosing from peppermint is altogether much more difficult for dosing problems more complicated to achieve, but the peppermint provides additional qualities compared with mint nana.
From a taste point of view we get a large green tea with mint with great finesse without bitterness and that can be drunk without sugar drink hot or cold.

* Organic Great Green Darjeeling Tea with flower of Jasmine: Yields of jasmine green tea, stirring several times in the flower of jasmine tea. It is a real know-how to obtain a balanced and harmonious blend. The jasmine flower has beneficial properties on the joints but also a powerful diuretic. A tasting found that inimitable flavor of a large jasmine green tea combined with the finesse of Darjeeling Green Bio.

*Organic Green Tea SENCHA of JAPAN: SENCHA Green tea is very popular with Japanese and represents 75% of annual production of green tea in Japan. This tea undergoes a drying vapor after being carefully sorted. This drying process allows the plant to keep all these qualities taste, aromatic and organoleptic by destroying very efficiently the enzyme responsible for oxidation of tea leaf. Green tea Sencha like all green teas are rich in vitamin C and polyphenol antioxidants. But most important is that it contains 5 times more than the epigallocatechin EPGC black tea.
Green tea SENCHA we selected although typed notes with vegetable flavor, almost navy, its own, remains balanced in the mouth and even a nice little palace accustomed. It does not support an infusion too long by difference. It is the same for the temperature of infusion that should not exceed 80 degrees because you may obtain a liquor very bitter with a little interest.

All our teas require an infusion time of 2 to 3 minutes at most.

Biodegradable Teabag

Modern product of high technology, while maintaining its transparency and its exceptional qualities of aroma release during the infusion, the bag nylon historically used is replaced by a bag woven transparent veil PLA, biodegradable and thermo welded, which offers a guarantee of 100% natural. The polylactic acid or PLA, made ​​from corn starch, is the first natural alternative to polyethylene